Welcome to Fairies of The Earth

I am so happy you have found Fairies of The Earth.  When I initially began creating fairy gardens, the more I dug my hands into the soil, the more I realized how wondrous fairy gardens really are!  Fairies of The Earth is really an evolving creative work that I’m finding to be not only rewarding, but truly inspiring .  So, let me pick a starting point, because I tend to wander, as do fairies, but they are more focused and organized when it comes to their missions!

Through research I’ve discovered that earth fairies truly care about this planet and those who inhabit it.  Now, of course I am asked if I believe in fairies. My answer is always basically the same, but seems to have variances depending on the audience. Yes, I believe in fairies.  My goodness, look around at the different creatures: lizards, butterflies, birds, humans, dogs, cats…why not fairies?  When I was a child, I would feel such joy in discovering mushrooms that popped up over night, with the little blades of grass under them, bent over like benches.  The mushrooms would be the umbrellas; just like what used to be at Dairy Queen!  Returning to earth fairies: It appears that their goal is to care for the earth and that includes so much!  They do not like that our landfills are home to materials that will never safely return fully to earth soil. These fairies certainly do not like pollution or anything that interferes with fresh, clean air.   Earth fairies love every creature here and they especially love humans who feel the same.

All of this is pretty much what the gardens made by Fairies of The Earth are all about. Each is made according to the weather that day, the mood, the plants that call out to be used, the envisioning of the person who might receive the garden and what the fairies can do to make each garden special. Each planter or pot is carefully cleaned and prepared. New ones are used, as well as older ones…lovingly used older ones.  I don’t always use a new one; in fact, I try to use as many old and special items that I can find in each creation. Perhaps the most unusual aspect of our gardens is that each one has a treasure…an unearthed treasure that was once valued by someone in another lifetime.  It might be a small brass urn no larger than two inches, a ceramic mouse made 30 years ago, a hand-painted plate that was crafted in Peru or a peacock pin from the 70’s.  The fairies insist on giving a treasure to each person who receives one of their gardens.

Because of the thought and love that goes into each garden, I simply cannot and refuse to “manufacture” them at a speed expected in today’s society. Fairies of The Earth’s gardens are meant to last forever and a day and this means they must spend some time with me to ensure they are healthy and enduring.

There is so much more I want to share with you, but as they say, “Fairyland was not created in a day”.

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