Fairies of The Bonsai by The Pond

This is my favorite garden so far.  It is in a bonsai pot (land and water).  I love it for a number of reasons, mainly because of the lines and the combination of land and water, which I think is sometimes important in a fairy garden.  The stones along the pond are fairy river stones and the pond itself has stones and plants.  I am going to be ordering miniature (live) lily pads for these gardens and asking the new owners to please keep the ponds filled.  (The fairies will be watching for me).  Another reason I love the bonsai pots is that they are low in height and easier to ship; regardless of width or shapes.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I loved creating the garden.  More professional photos will be taken of all gardens very soon!  Thank you all for reading this and Happy New Year’s Eve!!!!  Fly safely!! xoxo

P.S.  You know each garden has an unearthed treasure in it; an item that someone one cared for but has since discarded.  Our fairies search the Earth for these!  Do you see this garden’s treasure?

Fairy Boy, Puppy and ToadFairy BridgeLittle Boy Fairy, Toad, Bridge and LakeView of Entire GardenTreasure TurtleOverhead of Little Boy Fairy on Side of Pond

Fairies in The Birdhouse Fairy Garden

Fairy of The Birdhouse Garden1Fairy of The Birdhouse Garden4Fairy of The Birdhouse Garden6Fairy of The Birdhouse Garden2

The Fairies in The Birdhouse Fairy Garden is one of my favorites and I just created it today for a client.  As you know, Fairies of The Earth has a treasure in each garden.  The treasure here is the ceramic birdhouse.  I found it at an estate sale.  Something was broken off the top and I glued a butterfly on to hide that spot.  The pathway to the birdhouse has a fairy walkway made of wooden round steps and is lined with rustic tin fencing.  The fairy in front of the house just finished raking the leaves from the stones and is sitting, taking a rest.  She left her rake amongst the stones.  You’ll see that there’s a little boy fairy who is having great fun riding a turtle!  My client really likes the boulder/rock on which “Faith” is written.  We’re sure that when the wee hours of the morning come, the fairies might be sitting on it.   A sweet bunny is sitting in the front.  In the back is a straw basket with a few stones in it.  I’m not quite sure why the fairy did not use the wheelbarrow that’s in the garden.

Come cuddle close in daddy’s coat
Beside the fire so bright,
And hear about the fairy folk
That wander in the night.

By Robert Bird     

Fairy Treasures in Our Gardens

I worked on four gardens today.  Three are in planters about the size and shape of a large wok and one is in a very small vintage planter.  Every time I work on a garden, it truly becomes a work of love and wonder.  One of the joys I get is matching up a treasure with each garden; sometimes I find myself putting two into one garden.

Now, not everything would be considered a treasure to everyone.  Anyone who loves the “idea” of real fairy gardens and their magic will love these gardens’ treasures.    A fairy garden treasure is special.  It’s an item that was once special to a human being, but has been discarded…for whatever reason.  I have found treasures in garage sales, but mostly I find them in thrift shops.  Each treasure must “match” the “feel” of a garden.  Tonight, the Half Moon Garden came into existence.  Its treasure is a moon made of Murano glass.  The moon hangs from a shepherd’s hook in the garden and is really delightful.  The moon is really not a half moon; it’s more like a quarter moon, but “Half Moon” is what the fairies wanted!  That moon is such a wonderful part of this garden. The Half Moon Garden also has another treasure in it.  I won’t tell you what it is.  You’ll have to look for it.

Other treasures are sterling silver or silver plated gravy boats that are perfect for fairy baths!  I even found a brass footed tub that is going into a special garden in Palm Beach.  Vintage jewelry can be beautiful treasures in a garden.  Recently, a vintage turtle, with amber as its body, went into a garden.  I love turtles and use them frequently.  Turtles are, among other things, symbols of protection.

Some are small saucers or plates.  Recently, I found two hand-painted plates from Peru.  The value of a piece is not as important as its meaning and “spirit”. Unique vases or miniature urns are frequently used, as well as sea glass, trinkets and vintage figurines.

The next time you go to give a “treasure” to a thrift shop, think good thoughts about it and perhaps a fairy will spy it and fly in circles with joy for finding it!